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Our results speak for themselves. We have helped hundreds of patients and their families achieve and exceed their health goals, from decreased pain and better movement to all parts of the body to decreased frequency of ear infections and bladder control issues for both children and adults. Our commitment is to lead all our patients and their families towards lifetime family wellness. When you put your resources towards a proactive approach to your health, you can experience all the benefits of an optimally functioning body, including more energy, mobility, and independence. People who get adjusted regularly don't get sick every winter, or have headaches or back pain regularly. Life is full of possibilities when your spine is in line!

For a Beaver Dam chiropractor who holds patient needs as top priority, Chiropractic USA is the right place for you. We offer a variety of services for any type of physical ailment you may have. And be sure to check out the best Chiropractor for car accidents in Green Acres FL

Licenses / Credentials:
• Doctor of Chiropractic
• State Certified in Nutrition Counseling

Services Offered:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Subluxation Check-ups for All Ages, Including Posture Evaluations and/or X-rays
  • Affordable Spinal Corrective Care Plans for Individuals and Families
  • Half Hour to Health Transformative Workshops, open to the public Tuesdays @ 5: 30 pm
  • State of the Art Posture Corrective Exercises and Tools and Personalized Nutrition Counseling
  • Guaranteed No-charge Consultations
Our Natural Approach to Health as A Beaver Dam Chiropractor

Each year many Americans seek chiropractic care for a reliable, safe and holistic method for alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic care is also sought out to relieve fatigue, pain in the extremities, and general poor health. Marked long term benefits can be realized and as your Beaver Dam Chiropractor we believe in dealing with the real problems rather than merely treating or hiding the symptoms.

We do not perform surgery or prescribe drugs but stress the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and I may prescribe dietary supplements. We might suggest some spine exercises as well as some other strengthening moves for you to do. The exercises that I teach you will coincide with your therapy between appointments here at your chiropractic center. Your restoration to optimal health is our goal as your Beaver Dam Chiropractor.

We Offer an Active Solution as Your Beaver Dam Chiropractor

Many people are under the misconception that a chiropractic doctor is limited to providing back pain relief or neck pain relief. Not only does chiropractic therapy provide back pain treatment but includes treatment of the entire body. A hands-on approach is taken by me through adjustment of the imbalances in your skeletal system, especially your spine. A noninvasive approach is what chiropractic care is about as it treats the body as a balanced, integrated system of parts that work together.

Nerve impulses can be disrupted causing a number of symptoms due to misalignment in one or more of the spinal vertebrae. These symptoms may include sensations of pain, numbness and tingling. Fatigue, allergy or sinus symptoms may also be added to the list. A chiropractic center is where you might come to find shoulder pain relief and hip pain relief and will be surprised to discover that with chiropractic care you are pain free.

Through a series of adjustments we will adjust your spine and other areas of your skeletal system to its correct alignment. Healing and proper function of the nervous system will be restored by returning the vertebrae to their correct placement. Our goal as your Beaver Dam Chiropractor is to restore you to complete health by realignment of the spinal column. We plan to attain this goal without the use of drugs or surgery.

We Can Meet Your Needs at any Age as Your Chiropractor

Our education and training allows me to treat patients from infancy to the elderly. Misalignment of the spine can occur in any point of life. This can even happen at birth because of pressure in the birth canal. As children learn to walk, falls are common. A young body is subjected to a lot of jolting experiences especially in their early development. These experiences can cause some physical problems when they reach adulthood. Children can benefit from a visit to the family chiropractor at a young age.

As an adult or senior citizen, you can benefit from chiropractic care as well. A visit to your Beaver Dam chiropractor will be helpful in maintaining your mobility as you age. We’ll help you by easing joint or back pain caused by natural degenerative changes or arthritis. The force of gravity alone is a known cause of misalignment of the spine as we age. A number of problems such as hip pain, arm pain and shoulder pain are evidence of this.

Working closely with your Beaver Dam Chiropractor, we will aim to reach our target. This goal includes your ability to keep up a healthy and active life. Surgeries and the use of prescription drugs have caused speculation. As your Beaver Dam Chiropractor we can offer you holistic methods to heal and be in good health.

Let us Help You Find Relief from Allergies and Sinus Conditions as Your Beaver Dam Chiropractor

Prescriptions drugs and over the counter remedies are the first ideas to occur to people who live with allergies, infections, and headaches. Results with these treatments are minimally successful. Many adverse side effects are common with these drugs such as drowsiness, anxiety and sometimes heart palpitations. If this sounds like you, you may want to talk with us, your Beaver Dam Chiropractor as we may be able to suggest other options.

As a professional Beaver Dam Chiropractor we can facilitate healing. With chiropractic care, pain caused by spinal misalignment will be relieved, as will allergies and sinus congestion. It may be difficult to imagine how chiropractic manipulation and adjustment play a role in helping you to relieve the suffering from sinus and allergy problems. For over a century people with these illnesses have been finding relief through chiropractic care.

Through the correction of spinal misalignment, as your Beaver Dam Chiropractor we can alleviate the symptoms. The immune system can begin to heal and work properly with regular chiropractic care. Allergies and sinus problems often need chiropractic care to relieve the signs and symptoms. Come in to your family chiropractic office for a visit if allergies or sinus issues are bothering you.

We Believe in the Prevention of Disease as Your Beaver Dam Chiropractor

As your Beaver Dam Chiropractor our job is to help you prevent health problems from occurring in the future. We will want to help you to identify areas in your life that might be creating excessive wear and tear on your body. For example, if your job requires heavy lifting we can discuss the proper body mechanics to ease the strain on the back muscles and spinal column. Injuries from sports are common. Runners look for leg pain relief and arm pain relief.

Lower back exercises will strengthen your back and we may advise you to do them. As your Beaver Dam Chiropractor we know that diet, sleep, environment, exercise level and heredity affect your health. We will be recommending some positive changes in your lifestyle to benefit you in those areas. We take pride in serving you as your Beaver Dam pain relief specialist.


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